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This film will be best represented as a off-the-wall, underwhelming hotch-potch. although a number of these eleven sub-stories do show that rare streak of brilliance, most of them area unit sheer duds. The common factor binding all is that they’re remarkably pretentious.

Of the numerous, it’s Pratim D Gupta’s story a couple of man and a girl living beneath a similar roof at totally different times, and falling gaga during a quaint method, that is hanging. The old-world charm lies in its picket almairah, the guitar and its poetry. None of the opposite plots quite condenses the concept of affection therefore deeply. although all stories area unit regarding unanswered love, this one feels the foremost complete one in all the ton.

Directors: Hemant Gaba, Pratim D. Gupta
Writers: Hemant Gaba, Pratim D. Gupta
Stars: Radhika Apte, Bidita Bag, Piaa Bajpai

The most unsatisfying one came from letter,who tries his hand at associate abstract plan however his try does not translate well. His plot is sinister, paints a ghastly environment, has his gamey quality, and yet, the story does not close.

A film is associate amorphous mass and on it count, this one does not deliver. Its scattered book makes the subplots feel disjointed. The protagonist K is caricaturish – a restless creative person stuck in artistic limbo, narrating his escapades (romantic liaisons and sexcapades).

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Since lots of the film plays get in flashback, the stories usually jarringly​ overlap. typically in middle of all the absurdity taking part in on screen, the film tells you that each producer has one story that he retells otherwise whenever, that justifies the repetitiousness of the plots.

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