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Nagu Gavara, the journalist-turned-filmmaker, writes a decent script however what’s lacking in his script is that the quite updated wit that we tend to see in coming-of-age romantic comedies. nearly everything from once she is going to confess her feeling to him and what’s going to happen within him following her confession are often simply foreseen.

Director: Nagu Gavara
Stars: Supriya Shailja, Adith Arun
« Back Rewrite againSo a clean ‘nari’ World Health Organization does not provides a shake together with her blank hands to a bloke agrees to a live-in? that is artistic liberty at its originative worst. however if we have a tendency to toss out flaws like these, ‘Weekend Love’ entertains to Associate in Nursing extent.

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Ganesh (played by Aadith of ‘Katha’ fame) may be a compulsive rounder. you recognize what happens once such a bloke falls in love? He can endure a metamorphosis – however solely when rain-induced fever attacks him and therefore the beautiful lady will all ‘seva’ to bring him out of his greatest problem. however before that, a way to create such a innate flirt be affected with the girl’s humanism? do not look farther than the adulthood home. finally, the girl’s commitment to (weekend) service and therefore the boy’s fever ar the game-changers once our films have the aforesaid premise. Mind it.

When the hero may be a flirt and he must impress the lady, he’s typically a person of Brobdingnagian talent. Hindu deity is best than vastly gifted. He will speak French. Hindu deity joins the corporate she works in to bond her and eventually, she starts feeling Ganesh’s sincerity, caring angle and everything that he’s not better-known for. Hindu deity actually is faking it to win her over with only one goal in mind – to own fun together with her.

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