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With the premise of however love and devotion will amendment destiny, Waarrior Savitri is a up to date adaptation of the mythological romance of Savitri and Satyavan found within the Vana Parva – The Book of the Forest of the Mahabharatam.

Director: Param Gill
Writer: Param Gill
Stars: Niharica Raizada, Rajat Barmecha, Lucy Pinder

is a tackily mounted film that fails to charm. His story, screenplay, plot, characterisation and action sequences area unit all sketchily crafted, and also the outcome could be a boring, tedious affair. there’s nothing that elevates the viewing expertise.

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With spectacular aerial shots of Jodhpur, the film starts off with promise, however bit by bit the reassurance crumbles.

The first even so moves at a comparatively fast pace, whereas the half drags with forced action, Associate in Nursingd an impractical plot that is treated sort of a theatrical fantasy, particularly Savitri’s interaction with Yamraj, the Lord of Death.

Even the proficient actors cannot salvage this like an amateur handled heroic tale. they’re all victims of a poorly written script.

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