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A Mumbai tv journalist meets with a accident feat him on a ventilator. In Pune, a missy will solely be saved if she gets a transplant. The mission of transporting the organ is entrusted to a traffic constable, wanting to earn his stripes back! A remake of the 2011 South Dravidian film of an equivalent name, Traffic deals with the vagaries of destiny. On June 25, 2008, multiple characters started out of their homes while not knowing what life has future for them.

Director: Pete Middleton
Writers: Pete Middleton, Pete Middleton
Stars: Andrew Doree, Ross Cawton, Kuki Keaton

There is a overblown wizard Dev Kapoor (Prosenjit) WHO believes “it’s the general public WHO has created him and not subject matter.” So, he has no qualms regarding rescheduling a media interaction with a cub newsperson, Rehaan (Vishal). rather than heading to the studio wherever the interview is regular, the wizard summons the boy to the flying field for a five-minute interaction. On identical day, Traffic Constable Ramdas Godbole (Manoj) joins back on duty, once facing a amount of suspension for taking a bribe. The day is additionally special for Dr. Abel (Parambrata) WHO is celebrating his 1st bicentennial.

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At a crowded junction, Rehaan WHO is riding seat and while not a helmet along with his best friend Rajiv (Amol Parashar) meets with a accident. Thrown off the bike he suffers a terrible head injury. conjointly at identical spot, in another automobile, is Abel, WHO is all referred to as by his superior to be a section of Associate in Nursing emergency.

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