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The pre-release buzz around Thiraikku Varaadha Kadhai has principally centred around a lesbian angle within the film, however that proves to be counter-productive. One, this reveals the mystery within the film. Two, you imagine a movie that talks a few lesbian relationship to be uptight, however the particular film, in fact, causes you to feel as if you’ve got been transported back in time by 20-25 years. Director Thulaseedas looks to be stuck within the 90s so will his film. Right from the flat filmmaking to the unoriginal dialogues that appear to possess been translated into Tamil from another language (“Tamil kalaacharan indha prabhandhathilirundhu kedaicha periya gift”) and dangerous line readings, tacky VFX and uneven makeup, the film feels dated and how!

Country:South Indian
Stars:Iniya, Nadhiya Moidu, Subiksha.

Nevertheless, the premise, despite being somewhat generic, might have created for associate degree amusive B-movie. Sophia (Ineya) and her friends attend a hill station to shoot a brief film as a part of their school project. Their heroine gets hurt, and that they use Rehana (Eden), the woman whom that they had met at the place, for the role. however upon their come back, they’re dismayed to be told that Rehana is truly Merlin John and he or she has been dead for a year! And once Merlin possesses Sophia, her friends reach dead set SP Deepika (Nadhiya), UN agency tries to crack the mystery behind Merlin’s death. And it involves somebody near Sophia!

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But rather than giving United States scenes that heighten the suspense over Merlin’s killer, Thulaseedas and his writers provide United States unrefined comedy that includes Harathi and Kovai Sarala that area unit downright humorless . Loud comedy may be fun, however what we have a tendency to get here is simply loudness. and therefore the characters area unit hardly given any depth, that we have a tendency to ne’er look after them. most significantly, the film is additionally feckless during a means as a result of it furthers the negative stereotyping of LGBTs as persons with low ethical values and murderers.

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