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Air of familiarity, this debut feature by David Jung manages to impress because of its technical experience and also the compelling performance by Shane Johnson within the theatrical role. Being given a token theatrical unleash simply days before its DVD debut, the film signals larger things to return for its novice producer if he will manage to mine a lot of original territory.

Director: David Jung
Writers: David Jung, David Jung
Stars: Shane Johnson, Ella Anderson, Cara Pifko

The Possession of Michael King Full Movie Trailer

Jung, functioning from a story co-devised with Tedi Sarafian, finds a convenient excuse for the tired rhetorical format — please, no more! — by creating his central character a, you guessed it, documentary producer. sadly, Michael King’s conceive of building a moving film concerning his happy family life is derailed once his married woman is suddenly killed in AN accident.

don’t have any text to check? don’t have any text to check? Click “Select Samples”.From its evil possession plot line to its found-footage format, The Possession of archangel King is nothing horror film aficionados haven’t seen before ad nauseam. however despite its overpoweringly stale
Blaming the card reader (Dale Dickey of Winter’s Bone, providing AN ineradicable cameo) his spouse was seeing for putting her within the circumstances that semiconductor diode to her death, professed atheist archangel instead decides to create his film regarding the explore for the supernatural with himself because the main guinea pig. armament himself with a spread of little cameras and recruitment the services of a fan as an additional lensman, he seeks out practitioners of the occult, as well as demonologists and mediums, and invitations them to perform their dark magic on him, assumptive that the resultant failure can make sure his beliefs.

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