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Last Kung Fu Monk is another low budget slice of US/Hong Kong madness from the those who brought you THE RESISTANCE, a story concerning the urban center massacre that was even worse. That film ripped off information science MAN quite extensively, whereas LAST Kung Fu MONK is happy to emulate the likes of ONG BAK and soul KING quite extensively for its time period.

Director: Peng Zhang Li
Writers: Peng Zhang Li, Todd McGorry
Stars: Cindy Carino, Robert Christie, Matt Harlan Cohen

The story is concerning your average old Kung Fu fighting monk World Health Organization decides to go to ny to assist out some buddies. Once there he becomes involved in a very plot involving some low rent crook goons and plentiful action ensues. The action sequences area unit astonishingly tight in places, despite the fact that they are affected by the low budget; they are not up to the amount of MERANTAU, however a number of the choreography is good. The Thai Tony Jaa films area unit the inspiration here and also the fights tend to use repetitive music with fucking cymbals that is borrowed in its totality from soul KING.

The Last Kung Fu Monk Full Movie Trailer

Elsewhere, the film suffers from the same old spherical of very unhealthy acting and unskilled writing. Outside of the action it simply is not very smart in any respect and through the action it’s near to acceptable. you are doing ought to make fun of our terribly ordinary-looking monk’s romance with a stunning miss that stretches the bounds of quality even quite his martial arts movies.

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