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The title character could be a kid, however 2 adult actors, Kathy Bates and astronaut shut, very provide “The nice Gilly Hopkins” its extensive heart. This movie, although uneven, has effects on thanks to these 2 reliable stars.

Director: Stephen Herek
Writers: David Paterson , Katherine Paterson
Stars: Sophie Nélisse, Kathy Bates, Glenn Close

Sophie Nélisse, trying to a small degree too previous to portray the 12-year-old she’s speculated to be, plays the most role, that of Associate in Nursing unpleasant foster kid UN agency, because the picture show opens, is being deposited at her latest home. Her new foster mother, Maime Trotter (Ms. Bates), keeps a mussy house however has smart can to spare, for each Gilly and her foster brother, W. E. (Zachary Hernandez).

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Gilly may be a robust sell, wanting solely to be reunited together with her biological mother, whom she has engineered into Associate in Nursing idyllic figure, supported the terribly occasional mailing-card she receives from her. And nonetheless she bit by bit warms to her new menage, such a lot so once her maternal gran, Nonnie (Ms. Close), shows up unexpectedly on the doorsill, Gilly doesn’t wish to travel put up her, despite Nonnie’s lavish home.

The film, directed by writer Herek, is predicated on Katherine Paterson’s triumph 1978 book. (David Paterson, her son, wrote the script.) Gilly’s transformation isn’t entirely convincing, part as a result of not enough time is spent exploring the roots of her initial hostility, however the story is fantastically ambivalent. there’s a feel-good part, however Gilly conjointly experiences many disappointments. That’s what “coming-of-age” is admittedly all about: the belief that life is each kind and cruel.

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