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Bharat (Rahul), hardware engineer fall enamored with Sravanthika (Neha Desphande). whereas they’re enjoying their life, Rayadurgam witness mystery murders with criminal effort a bell at the spot. Police relinquishing the case to Ravikanth.

Bharat United Nations agency could be a accountable subject, together with his friends plan to begin The Bells Foundation, to assist poor and conjointly fight growing atrocities against girls victimization technology. Police on investigation realize surprising resemblances between the criminal and Bharat. to seek out out additional concerning it, watch The Bells on screen.

Director: Nellutla Praveen Chander
Writer: Shekhar Vikyat

Rahul as a adult female worked arduous for the film. He danced well and performed stunts well. Fine standardisation in expressions and dialogue delivery can do him ton of fine.

Neha Deshpande got restricted role to perform. Others like Hindu deity, MS.Narayana, Saptagiri, Sivareddy, Appa Rao vie in line with their roles.

The Bells Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

Uday’s picture taking is ok. Kasarla Shyam’s music is ok however background score is loud. Satya might have sharpened his redaction scissors. however had he done therefore, nothing would have left within the film. Production values square measure adequate.

Director might have thought one thing new and worked onerous on the story and script, to plug the loopholes before planning to sets.

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