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“The Ant Bully,” directed by John A. Davis and supported a book by John Nickle, is that the latest computer-animated plea for interspecies understanding. Like “Over the Hedge,” it asks the United States to contemplate that creatures we tend to take to be pests may be individuals too, or a minimum of that they may speak in the voices of picture stars. Those tiny, six-legged marauders marauding your child’s cartilage birthday celebration — what if they were extremely Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts? And what if their queen was none apart from Meryl Streep? Would you continue to stomp them, squish them or scorch them with a magnifying glass?

Director: John A. Davis
Writers: John A. Davis, John Nickle 
Stars: Paul Giamatti, Nicolas Cage, Julia Roberts

Your answers can stay confidential. within the in the meantime, whereas we tend to anticipate the inevitable kiddie-animation entertainment that includes sweet, anthropomorphized roaches, termites or E. coli bacterium — hey, they need feelings too! — “The Ant Bully” provides some moments of creative thinking and wit. Not too several, mind you. The bug theme was huge news for Pixar and DreamWorks back in 1998, the year of “A Bug’s Life”“ and “Antz,” and this picture, a behind-the-curve effort from Warner Brothers, is unlikely to place either of them in the shade.

The Ant Bully Full Movie HD Free Download Full Movie Watch Online

“The hymenopter Bully” works best once it sticks with the less complicated implications of its premise, turning forceful variations of scale and perspective into clever visual jokes. The title character is movie maker Nickle (Zach Tyler Eisen), a picked-on community boy United Nations agency takes revenge on the bullies United Nations agency bug him by wreaking mayhem on the ants United Nations agency have designed their colony in his field. within the hymenopter world he’s called the Destroyer, and Zoo, the hymenopter wizard (Mr. Cage), devises a drinkable that may cut this menace right down to size. Suddenly, movie maker awakens to search out himself an unfortunate of the ants, and then, due to the intercession of Hova (Ms. Roberts), AN apprentice hymenopter himself

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