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Raghu (Himesh Reshammiya) will the proper things, the incorrect method. Teraa Surroor Full Movie HD Quality Downlaod in mp4. He worships town (Farah Karimaee) and she or he loves him too. but Raghu’s philandering move drives her away to eire, wherever she is caught for drug vending. Raghu believes she is innocent. Turns out, she has been framed by a mysterious man referred to as Anirudh Brahmin. will he rescue his woman from Irish capital and nab the important culprit?

Director: Shawn Arranha
Writers: Namrata Ramsay (screenplay), Himesh Reshammiya
Stars: Himesh Reshammiya, Farah Karimaee, Naseeruddin Shah

On paper, Teraa Surroor feels like associate edge-of-the-seat action adventure story. However, the execution is much from it. rather than mounting tension, that is crucial for this genre, the film is inundated with many songs and romantic flashbacks that eventually kill the pace and continuity. the utilization and abuse of infinite Slowmo sequences is another issue.

Also, one expects Himesh to entertain – be it by choice or accidentally. He provides brooding appearance and poses, mouths dialogues during a robotic method instead. His Katrina Kaif like co-star Farah Karimaee is tight however equally drab as so much as her onscreen presence is bothered.

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But it isn’t simply them. The story and direction area unit weak and therefore the dialogues area unit repetitive. “Ireland Hindu deity lock down amount bees minute hai” is harped for twenty times.

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