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Everything is honest soft on and war, or a minimum of that’s however the old saying goes. Our hero Akash (Kohli), an orphan, puts the old saying into follow once he uploads a faux profile on a marital status web site. Not that he suggests that any damage. It’s simply that he has to persuade his girlfriend Sweety’s (Afroz) father (Zariwala) that he’s the proper partner for his female offspring.

Director: Hasnain Hyderabadwala
Writers: Tariq Mohammad, Tariq Mohammad
Stars: Himansh Kohli, Zoya Afroz, Darshan Jariwala

And, as all love stories go, there’s the human (Ankit Arora) attempting to woo the actress too. This creates a situation whereby Sweety’s father needs to choose from our hero and therefore the unhealthy boy. amazingly, because of a crafty game vie by the villain, daddy-dearest chooses him over Akash. One factor results in another and inside no time, the continual confusion builds up to a Priyadarshan-style climax.

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Many a times, all that a feminine protagonist in Hindi films has got to do is smile and appearance pretty on screen. However, the tables square measure turned during this one. Here, Afroz is that the one World Health Organization will majority of the work whereas Kohli plays the eye-candy. The woman makes the foremost of her role. a similar can’t be same concerning the opposite characters tho’. Zariwala plays a job that he has vie in several films before- a naïve father, whereas alternative supporting actors have conventional roles.

In a film that’s laced with such stereotypes and includes a sure story (yes, we all know the hero and heroine find yourself together), Afroz is that the just one doing a sincere job. however that alone doesn’t build the film attention-grabbing.

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