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Dharmarajan master (Thalaivasal Vijay) may be a celebrated stunt master UN agency worked in several films and had lots of scholars. Surakshaa Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download in 720p. He was out from the sphere for a protracted time. Dharmarajan master desires some cash for his daughter’s wedding. thus he visits one in every of his recent students Aadhityan (Anoop Menon), UN agency is one in every of the celebrated and prime rated administrators within the movie industry. Aadhityan provides an opportunity to master. Master seeks facilitate from his many students to help him for the duty, however nobody helps him.

Stars: Vijayichiranjeevi, Keerthi Chawala, Neepa

He visits Tarzan Antonius (Prithviraj) UN agency was his favorite student UN agency left him due to some problems. Tarzan agrees and joins the set. There he meets the hero of the film Premanand (Srikanth), UN agency is that the son of Home minister and Heroine Gowri Menon (Yami Gautam), UN agency is one in every of the highest actresses within the business. Premanand is sort of a sinking ship and wishes a success, thus he joins his friend Aadhityan for the flick. Meanwhile, Premanand likes Gowri and needs to marry her. He tries to impress her in many ways in which however she did not mind him. Tarzan’s dedication to his works and wonderful stunts impress Gowri. The flick gets free and it becomes a grand hit.

Audience UN agency do not know the particular hero behind the screen appreciates Premanand for the action sequences whereas Gowri, Aadhityan and therefore the whole crew appreciates Tarzan for his work. Gowri and Tarzan fall crazy with one another. Premanand decides to destroy Tarzan UN agency may be a hindrance between him and Gowri. At that point Aadhityan announces his next project with same solid and crew. Premanand desires to get rid of Tarzan from the project, however Aadhityan successively removes Premanand from the flick and build Tarzan the hero of the flick. This angers Premanand and he takes revenge by plotting to kill Tarzan, however winds up killing Tarzan’s father (Nedumudi Venu).

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Aadhityan tells Tarzan to let matters lie low for a short time before he takes his revenge. Once the shooting for the film gets over, Tarzan goes to Premanand and Gowri’s brother to require revenge for killing his father and once he returns it’s shown that the audience has settle fored Tarzan because the new Hero and Tarzan and Gowri square measure over happy to overtly accept their relation.

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