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Overall plot might are fascinating however direction and casting was improbably poor. Sniper Special Ops Full Movie HD Download in 720p. Main actors were decades too recent and clearly overweight and out of condition to be remotely plausible as active duty troopers plus the top-shelf division they were depicting.

Soldier ranks and chain of command was fully wrong for matters and even the foremost obvious military techniques like securing a fringe, finding cover/laying prone throughout a firefight or attempting to avoid an understandable ambush were largely unheeded.

Director: Fred Olen Ray
Writer: Fred Olen Ray
Stars: Steven Seagal, Rob Van Dam, Tim Abell

Character development was cypher Associate in Nursingd supporting ladies solely served to harass the most characters while not a touch of romantic interest or attractiveness which could have a minimum of distracted viewers from an overall lackluster film. The audience was given very little reason to worry World Health Organization won or lost and there was no fascinating subplot, character drama or something all that fascinating to check in terms of actors, vehicles, craft or weapons.

In spite of the solid as well as seventh Dan martial art black belt Steven Seagal and WWE professional matman Rob Van Dam there’s ne’er one physical dustup, solely a series of lackluster gunfights.

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Some smaller issues the America weapons were clearly not government issue: barrel lengths, flash hiders, sights were all wrong as was the dearth of typical support weapons on either side.

Weapons usage was strange even for b-movies, most rifles were ne’er laid-off full-auto, characters appeared to have ample weapons system however most laid-off meagerly whereas the “sniper” was spraying everything in view with full-auto hearth. Later nobody remembered to reload an almost empty M9 piece before beginning a brand new combat…the same M9 piece that verified much more correct and deadly than any of the scoped M4 assault rifles the troopers were firing.

Tim Abell showed some nice acting skills and was a likable character as Sgt Mosby however sadly he was still so much too recent and out of form to tug off the role.

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