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Jedara Kannappa (JK) falls gaga with Nandini. whereas JK suffers from nyctalopia, Nandini has simple phobia. Nandini desires her (k)night in shining armour to safeguard her from darkness. JK is during a fix. A comedy of error ensues.

CAST: Diganth, Sangeita Chauhaan, Chikkanna, Lakshmi, Sudharani, Achyut Kumar, Loki, Mithra
DIRECTION: Ghouse Peer
GENRE: Action Comedy
DURATION: 2 hours 14 minutes

Lyricist-turned-director Ghouse Peer has chosen AN amusing subject for his debut. The film sees Diganth in AN action avatar, tho’ the director has smartly plain-woven a generous dose of comedy to confirm there is AN amusing subject. The film is analogous to a number of the entertainers from the stables of manufacturers like Rohit Shetty wherever masala scores over that means.

Sharp Shooter Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Trailer

The film is an ungainly romance between a hero with vision defect and a heroine with simple phobia. Our hero JK tries exhausting to cover his medical condition and even woos the heroine by taking her bent on Chamundi Hills on a motorcycle within the night and a dinner date too. Amidst this game, JK is mistaken for a sharpshooter United Nations agency killed Associate in Nursing underworld don.

What follows from that moment is absolute mayhem. There square measure 2 plots for revenge and conjointly JK’s mother United Nations agency solely desires him to be married and live with happiness ever once. The film has several funny moments, just like the introduction scene, wherever we tend to notice JK’s name could be a compromise between his folks, United Nations agency square measure inflexible Rajkumar fans, and Jedara Kannappa could be a mixture of Jedara Bale and Bedara Kannappa. the opposite scenes that stand out embrace Diganth revealing his vision defect to friend Chikkanna.

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