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Two Punjabi men, World Health Organization pride themselves for being inconsequential to the planet, Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Full Movie Free Fully HD 720p Download. area unit sent off on an important hush-hush mission. The Indian ambassador of state get kidnaped and misinterpretation them for secret agents, RAW head sends them to bring back the official.

Director: Akashdeep
Writer: Akashdeep
Stars: Tinnu Anand, Vir Das, Neha Dhupia

This film offers annoying a brand new which means. It takes special reasonably talent to form one thing as boring, ridiculous, vain and unhumorous as this. it’ll be blasphemous to decision it a comedy. and also the undeniable fact that it stars the funny guy Vir Das and also the humourous Boman Asiatic, is a shame. The lackadaisical writing and unskilled humour does not have a touch of quality. Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Full Movie Download. it’s as uninteresting as uninteresting gets and even triple strength Americano can not help you not blink whereas look this addled mess.

So what goes wrong? The story is implausible. Evidently, the writers took it as a right that the audience leaves behind their brains reception once they attend watch a movie. what is worse is that the playscript does not have an oz. of effervescence. Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Full Movie HD Download. they’re flat lines, designed as jokes, set up along as playscript and came about as a movie. The writers haven’t wasted one drop their ink or Associate in Nursing iota of their grey substance within the script.

Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Full Movie Watch Online

Besides the leads, UN agency area unit blank and caricaturish, a horde of proficient artistes are wasted. Be it Sanjay Mishra, Ram Kapoor, Neha Dhupia or Lisa Haydon, their tolerance shows on them. They deliver lines with a facial gesture and appearance constantly bored. Santa Banta Pvt Ltd Full Movie Download in high quality. God bless Vijay Raaz for doing his best to salvage the damp show.

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