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Samay Full Movie Download in High Quality. Samay movie is An adult female director, a murder-mystery construct Associate in Nursingd an histrion within the lead enjoying an excellent cop, iDream’s SAMAY � once TIME STRIKES is nothing in need of a risk. however will the chance pay off? Not exactly!

Director: Robby Grewal
Writers: Sameer Kohli
Stars: Sushmita Sen, Lucy Bartholomew, Tushar Dalvi

It’s the murder of a winning businessman that sets the tone for a suspense-journey. A journey with events and happenings that keep you hooked intermittently, however the finale leaves you inquisitive, why did you begin such a journey within the initial place?
A.C.P. Malvika Chauhan [Sushmita Sen] starts off the investigation. With no clue or proof accessible, it does not take her long to understand and conclude that the murder could be a planned move, committed with utmost exactitude.

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And even as the mystery behind the primary murder was slowly being entangled, another murder takes place. now it’s a well known histrion. Circumstances create her believe that they’re connected.
But once the proof and motive behind the second murder is being uncovered, a 3rd murder takes place. and therefore the victim during this case could be a contract killer.
As her search leads from one purpose to a different, things slowly begin falling into place. The path of this killer and therefore the motive forms the crux of the film.

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