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Horror films in movie industry square measure a lot of or less a mix of clichéd thrills, possessed girls and sex; the last one actuation a lot of individuals to cinema halls than the opposite 2 combined. Saansein’s formula isn’t terribly completely different however it doesn’t fixate an excessive amount of on titillating scenes. there’s a sexy ghost of a spurned lover tho’. Yes, that’s the ‘horror’ you’ve got to trot out.

Director: Rajiv S. Ruia
Writers: Shiraz Ahmed, Ram Patil
Stars: Sonarika Bhadoria, Amir Dalvi, Rajniesh Duggall

So our demoiselle in distress, Shirin, sings emotional romantic numbers at an event club however daily, because the clock strikes twelve.30 am, she disappears. once a man dies beneath mysterious circumstances whereas making an attempt to induce too near her, a investigating begins and Shirin is that the prime suspect. Soon after, our knight in shining armour, Abhay, involves Mauritius and falls loving with Shirin. however love stories aren’t that easy, square measure they? One night, at the bid of Shirin’s friend and boss Tania (Neetha Shetty), Abhay witnesses the torture Shirin needs to endure at the hands of a ghost (yes, the attractive one). Turns out, the ghost is that of a spurned lover from Shirin’s ‘pichhla janam’. Well, UN agency would’ve known?

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Saansein offers occasional thrills and catches you unaware now and then, except for the big half, it’s solely patience which will get you thru. From individuals inexplicably dying, to a extremely possessive ghost raping a mortal (a la Tabu’s forgettable film Hawa), Saansein veers from comic to illogical. Rajniesh and Sonarika add glamour, Hiten, United Nations agency plays associate exorcist, appearance out of place and Neetha’s solely job is to feel dangerous for Sonarika’s character.

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