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Saadi Love Story is its superb star solid. Saadi Love Story Full Movie Download in 720p Full HD. With a healthy mixture of veterans like, Kulbushan Kharbanda,Dolly Ahluwalia and Navnit Nishan; at the side of the young actors like, our ‘dashing’ Diljit Dosanjh &Amrinder Gill, cute & refreshing Neetu Singh, and sweet Surveen Chawla, the pic is unquestionably sufferable and in fact, surprisingly “good looking” to look at. Another space wherever the pic scores brownie points is that the ‘absolutely-amazingly-fantabulously’-good trying actor referred to as, “Diljit Dosanjh”!! The scene once he makes his introduction within the pic, whereas riding on his bullet, is bright shot and Dijlit appearance suave, together with his smashing screen presence!

Director: Dheeraj Rattan
Writer: Dheeraj Rattan
Stars: Diljit Dosanjh, Surveen Chawla, Amrinder Gill

The film deserves some points within the graphic department additionally, and also the unconventional camera usage. And currently the last smart issue regarding the movie: It’s music!! Jaidev Kumar has done a commendable job here. I can’t stop buzzing the title song even currently and that i recognize it’s about to play on a repeat mode on my system for some a lot of days a minimum of. the location of background score additionally because the songs is additionally apt.

Talking regarding the flipside, well, honestly, there square measure many! The pic defies logic success, is irrational, magazine kind, and all make-believe. one in every of the worst things was its ‘so-wanna-be- like-a-bollywood–movie’ try. I mean, c’mon, why to vie with film industry here? I don’t assume any Punjabi film fan needs to examine the translated version of Hindi-movies. we wish to feel Punjab and Punjabiyat somewhere within the pic, otherwise, there square measure numerous film industry choices already! Giving a personality a Punjabi name and American state, ‘a Jatt surname’ isn’t enough. Even the dialogues within the pic were lame, clichéd and that i don’t assume there was any that we have a tendency to hadn’t detected before.

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The plot is attention-grabbing to start with. Gurleen(Neetu Singh) apparently is dotty with a bloke named, Rajveer, and refuses to induce married to someone known as, “Vikram”-a guy familiar to her gramps (Kulbushan Kharbanda) through one among their family friends. Gurleen’s younger sister- Preeti (Surveen Chawla) could be a fan of affection stories, and forever carries her heart on her sleeves. Brain are some things that she either doesn’t have or she merely, refuses to pay attention to. though Gurleen’s family is against her call of obtaining married to Rajveer, however once the tragedy strikes their family – with Gurleen meeting with AN accident and slithering into coma)- the family welcomes anybody sitting as their would-be relative-in-law, ‘Rajveer’- in their house while not doing any quite verification and after all, patiently, taking note of these Rajveers’ love tales (the whole family, light-emitting diode after all, by the ardent fan of affection stories- Preeti). Since there area unit 2 heroes (Diljit and Amrinder) enjoying the male leads, it’s obligatory that they initial fight one another, then, win the hearts of the Dadiji (Dolly Ahluwalia) and Bhuaji (Navnit Nishan) within the family, and, ultimately, save the whole family’s hearts from breaking (despite all their mischievous antics)!

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