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“Rush Hour” is our reliable friend, the Wunza pic, pairing 2 opposites: Wunza legendary detective from urban center, and wunza la cop. And wunza Chinese guy, and wunza black guy. And wunza martial arts knowledgeable and wunza wisecracking river boat. Neither wunza original casting plan, however along, they create associate entertaining team.

Director: Brett Ratner
Writers: Ross LaManna, Jim Kouf
Stars: Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, Ken Leung

The pic groups up Jackie Chan, king of blithesome action comedy, and Chris Tucker, United Nations agency crosses Eddie spud with Chris Rock and comes up with a man United Nations agency, if you saw him a block away, you’d at once begin inquisitive however he was planning to con you. There square measure comic potentialities even in their personal patterns. Chan isn’t far-famed for his easy command of English, and Tucker could be a speaker. Chan’s persona is modest and unassertive, and Tucker plays a unblushing self-promoter.

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The story: throughout the last days of Hong Kong’s standing as a British colony, supercop Chan busts up a importing ring, however the masterminds escape to the us. There they seize the female offspring of the Chinese diplomat, UN agency tells the Federal Bureau of Investigation he needs Chan, a family friend, flown in to assist with the investigation. The feds need nothing to try and do with a cop from overseas, and that they conjointly don’t need the LAPD concerned. so that they get the concept of pairing up the Chinese guy and therefore the L.A. cop so that they will keep one another out of the method.

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