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Though they solely bound up four years past, the “Twilight” movies already appear ancient history in popular culture terms. Ditto the memory of Taylor Lautner as associate Oughties It Boy, that temporary career heat cooled by a series of weak big-screen vehicles when his co-stars were reinventing themselves with uneven however additive success as “serious” adult actors.

Director: Soham Mehta
Writer: Rajiv Shah
Stars: Taylor Lautner, Nico Christou, Kenny Johnson

“Run the Tide” is unlikely to reverse that trend at purpose once Lautner has largely people to TV anyway (“Scream Queens,” Brit “Cuckoo”), tho’ the actor offers a worthy enough flip as a young man WHO has raised his brother alone — then flees with the child once their until now abusive, drug-addled mother exits jail to resume custody. This aptly crafted however uninspired narration, a feature debut for each director Soham Mehta and writer Rajiv crowned head, is obtaining a restricted theatrical launch Dec. 2. however it appears like a cable and rental time-filler, with prospects absolute to be abundant improved in those formats.

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After suffering the complete forcefulness of single parent Lola (Constance Zimmer), and her violent and happy-go-lucky behavior, Rey (Lautner) is set to not let much-younger relative Oliver (Nico Christou) risk constant quite ruined childhood. therefore he puts any of his own plans on hold, projecting around to figure at the native gas station/grocery store in hand by mom’s ex-beau Bo (Kenny Johnson) and raises Oliver himself, at the same time as his former classmates maintain to school and greater things. one in every of them — one-time g.f. Michelle (Johanna Braddy), whom he hasn’t seen in years — turns up unexpectedly. She’s graduated from Stanford Associate in Nursingd established an up mobile career in Metropolis. Their dormant romance rekindles in Associate in Nursing tiddly late-night tryst, throughout that she impetuously urges him to affix her in San Fran.

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