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Few minutes into Rangoon, we have a tendency to area unit taken to the lifetime of folks within the biggest town of Asian nation (formerly Burma) in 1988, wherever the protagonist Venkat’s (Gautham Karthik) childhood is established. the explanation for his family to maneuver to Madras is convincingly told, and also the audience can’t be goddamn if they keep in mind kilovolt Anand’s Anegan. The visuals of the town area unit fantastically captured by Anish Tharun Kumar, creating viewers wanting the whole story to unfold there. But, fate takes Venkat, his sister and mother to north Madras, wherever his father secured employment recently. although very little hesitant at first, he befriends with Kumaran on the primary day, because the town Madras, its culture and folks area unit utterly new him.

Director: Vishal Bhardwaj
Writers: Matthew Robbins, Matthew Robbins
Stars: Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, Shahid Kapoor

His father passes away once a moment, and Venkat, as he grew up, becomes Associate in Nursing unreliable guy, UN agency likes to pay time carelessly along with his friends Kumaran and Tip prime (Daniel). Kumaran recommends Venkat to Gunaseela (Siddique) for employment within the latter’s jewelry search. Guna, UN agency is into importation misbr product, get affected by Venkat’s enthusiasm, and assigns him additional jobs. Guna’s trust in Venkat will increase once the latter saves him from obtaining killed by business opponents.

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Meanwhile, Venkat falls for Natasha (Sana), associate degree aspirant singer, WHO resides in his neighbourhood. She, too, starts feeling him once about to realize his morality and his growing normal of living. once Venkat and friends commit to bid goodby to their association with Gunaseelan, he gets another assignment from him, wherever he’s asked to urge cash from the Union of Burma, in exchange of big quantity of gold.

The newly-appointed inquiring officer Syed Nawazuddin (Anand) hatches decide to nab them, however Venkat and friends reach Yangon in an exceedingly clever means while not falling prey to the traps ordered by cops. once everything went fine and that they were near to come back from Yangon with the cash, they get the shock of their life – the cash bag goes missing. tho’ unable to face Gunaseelan, they manage spirit and narrate him what went on. A pissed Guna offers them 2 days to rearrange cash, and therefore the trio resorts to seizure to earn vast cash in such a brief time. Their designing misfires, due to that they pay the value within the type of a life.

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