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Ramaa The Saviour Full Movie HD Download. Ramaa The Saviour Movie is A bunch of children enter a computer game and find yourself on a deserted island wherever they have to survive not solely the wild beasts however conjointly a bunch of bounty hunters United Nations agency area unit on a desperate seek for a taken treasure. will the native Robinson Crusoe, Saahil Khan and his fight master, Khali save them and send them safely back home?

Director: Hadi Abrar
Writers: Kumaar , Reshu Nath
Stars: Sahil Khan, Tanushree Dutta, Meghan Jadhav

The premise of the film will appear fascinating and has been with success tried and tested by many Hollywood films. Even the assembly values of the film area unit okay, considering that Indian cinema hardly pays attention to children’s films and, not like Hollywood, nearly always treats it as a poor first cousin to thought fare.

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But somewhere on, the film loses its plot and becomes an absence lustre string of action sequences meant to showcase the muscles of Ramaa, the savior (Saahil Khan) United Nations agency amazingly, has nothing a lot of to mention. Is he the country first cousin of Tarzan? cannot tell as a result of there’s not a Jane around. Unless you want to take a Lara Croftish Tanushree Dutta as Jane of the Jungle. As for Khali, he is hardly there….which means most of the youngsters area unit reaching to find yourself unsuccessful as a result of there is hardly any WWF fare to cheer concerning.

Frankly speaking, the bachcha log may simply like the play station any day. This one’s no Jumanji

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