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After a mass Osthe, Silambarasan options in Podaa Podi directed by debutant Vignesh Shivan with Varu Sarathkumar, girl of Sarathkumar, as screen partner. Podaa Podi was within the cross hairs for its long length within the creating. However, the film doesn’t look dated the least bit because of its premise.

Director: Vignesh Shivan
Stars: T.R. Silambarasan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Shobana

The story is about in London wherever the lead try meets, falls crazy amidst dance because the scenery. it’s associate apt debut vehicle for Varu World Health Organization includes a sensible screen presence and emotes quite naturally and ad libitum. The jeune fille includes a powerful face and if she takes care of her weight, she is sure to go places within the trade.

Podaa Podi Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

STR doesn’t leave any chance go waste once it involves showcasing his distinct trunk and gets appreciative claps from girls audience within the gap variety ‘Love Pannalaama Venaamaa’. The collective effort of dance creator, editor and photographer involves fore during this variety.

The first 0.5 is breezy and Vignesh Shivan makes the audience stay awake and observe of the freshness in his execution. Through Varu and STR, he clearly etches the characters of current urban youth and their ‘matter of fact’ perspective. Their impulsive deciding, candid outlook, a superficial viewpoint towards life and taking life because it comes with no mushiness square measure all well delineated.

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