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You could say that this film falls somewhere in between a replica cat ANd an intelligent adaptation of the 1999 cult horror film, Plot No 666 Hindi Horror Full Movie Download. The statesman Witch Project. within the original we’ve got the 3 young filmmakers World Health Organization venture into the woods craving for a legendary witch. during this flick we’ve got 3 best friends World Health Organization visit a haunted forest guest house to prove some extent to a devotee and a unknown, Anand – a aspirant producer compete by Charan Tej – tags on enroute. The similarities spill over into the fashion of filmmaking – this film has additionally been created on a shoe string budget – still.

Director: Aziz Zee
Stars: Aziz Zee, Nazim, Ashwini, Krupa, Sufzal, DJ Tashu

However, there isn’t any denying that Case no 666/2103 is that the initial ever “found footage” film ever in Telugu cinema. By Telugu cinema standards, this can be a breakthrough film in each sense of the word, the fourteen year time lapse notwithstanding! For that reason alone we’d like to boost a toast to the filmmakers for making an attempt to try and do one thing that is ne’er been done before and that they have done an honest job of it (except for the climax ie) moreover. The film packs in some real spook issue moreover.

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The film opens with none gap credits to intensify that illusion of reality. we’ve got a TV reporter World Health Organization is appointed the task of planning to bottom of the case of a 3 friends who’ve gone missing from a guest house in Narsapur forests. at the same time the characters square measure introduced establishing their relations with one another, in a very series of non-linear flashbacks taking USA through however the 3 friends plan to take a challenge thrown by their rather peculiar neighbor.

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