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Leo, a really sick very little boy, is ready to float outside of his own body in the dead of night, swooping through the skies over the exciting lit-up town of Manhattan. At a precise purpose, his phantom self-starts to lose its “juice,” and desires to travel back to the body, still lying in his sick bed. however a minimum of he has those escapes, that feeling of freedom and perspective. this is often the beginning premise of Jean-Loup Felicioli and Alain Gagnol’s beautiful animated feature, “Phantom Boy,” the follow-up to their Academy-Award appointed “A Cat in Paris.” Their animation vogue is melodramatic and sometimes attractive, with deep colours and high contrasts. And here, Associate in Nursing exceedingly|in a very} story a few “phantom boy” World Health Organization groups up with an hors de combat lawman to unravel a case, the fashion dead expresses the magic, grit and dream-like quality of the narrative. “Phantom Boy” adds layer upon layer of plot in addition as a large forged of characters, and there is a bit bit an excessive amount of occurring at any given moment. The film will be smothered by the obligations of its plot, however it’s still lovely and original, extraordinarily funny, and generally terribly moving

Directors: Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol
Writer: Alain Gagnol
Stars: Edouard Baer, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Audrey Tautou

Opening with Saul Bass-inspired credits, associated an eerie dream-like score by textile Besset, “Phantom Boy” starts small: Leo has been admitted into the hospital with associate anonymous extraordinarily serious ill health. whereas there, he meets Alex, a seedy bruised cop, within the thick of attempting to regain the trust of his displeased superior when a criminal offense scene mishap. Leo has invariably wished to be a lawman and grills Alex on what it’s like, and eventually he confesses that he will leave his body at the hours of darkness and float on top of the town. Turns out, a phantom boy will be terribly helpful once intensifying against the foremost dangerous villain Manhattan has ever seen, a villain called the person With the Broken Face. Alex tries to unravel the case from his chair within the hospital, with the assistance of mother Delaney, a spunky journalist on the lookout for a scoop, and Leo, the phantom WHO will float through walls and ceilings and report back what he sees.

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The Man With the Broken Face stalks Manhattan from a docked ship on one amongst the piers, issue grandiose threats via video feeds that project onto Times Square billboards. His patchwork-quilt-colored face sounds like it absolutely was place along by Picasso, mouth over on one aspect, eyes that square measure completely different shapes. the person With the Broken Face holds big apple town surety (“New dynasty belongs to me!” he bellows in one amongst his video addresses), and threatens to unleash a malicious program that may plunge the town back to the time period. Or one thing like that. encompassing the person With the Broken Face could be a den of humorous dim-bulb goons WHO could not steal a stick of gum while not line of work attention.

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