Pattathu Yaanai Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed

‘Pattathu Yaanai’ delivers a lot of amusement as a comedy person than as associate action flick. Pattathu Yaanai Full Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed on HD Quality 720p. It may are a wholesome comedy person provided Vishal stayed far from his aspiration to don the action hero tag.

Director: Boopathy Pandian
Writer: Boopathy Pandian
Stars: Aishwarya Arjun, Santhanam, Vishal.

Despite its unoriginal half, that struggles owing to the supererogatory ought to induce action, the film still manages to entertain attributable to one man – Santhanam, United Nations agency was much better than ever in his custom-made role.

A bunch of wedding caterers lead by Santhanam run from hassle and land in Trichy – solely to seek out a lot of hassle. In Trichy, the issues square measure larger than before associated exploit isn’t an choice. once Vishal realises it, he uses force to handle things. What follows is associate action scene right at the tip of half. this is often followed by the revelation of Vishal’s bitter past that has its share of some comedy.

Pattathu Yaanai Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Watch Online

The problem with a movie that includes the likes of Suriya, Vishal and few a lot of actors WHO are typecast as mass heroes, is that square measure|they’re} forced to try to to some things that are fully not needed.

For instance, although Vishal’s backstory did not should reek of action, nevertheless we have a tendency to see the director’s effort to form it one without concern concerning the output. whereas I agree the last half wasn’t dangerous, however it could’ve undoubtedly been higher.

Pattathu Yaanai Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download Link

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