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Ouija 2 Full Movie HD Download in 720p. The Ouija Movie rare horror sequel created with significantly additional wit, craft, and imagination than its precursor, “Ouija: Origin of Evil” feels less just like the continuation of a budding franchise than an associate apology for what went wrong the primary time. Writer-director electro-acoustic transducer Flanagan (who verified his horror bona fides with the 2013 sleeper “Oculus”) takes over the inventive reins from helmer Stiles White and institutes a welcome dramatic shift from the memorization terrorized teens plot of 2014’s “Ouija.” And nevertheless, the maximum amount as Flanagan will line his film apart, the follow-up is ultimately delayed by the backstory baggage it’s forced to deliver.

Director: Mike Flanagan
Writers: Jeff Howard
Stars: Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, Annalise Basso

Serving up enough solid scares to satisfy fans of “Conjuring”/“Insidious”-style haunted house horror, “Origin of Evil” ought to take pleasure in a wonderfully regular pre-Halloween unleash and no important genre competition within the marketplace to post durable box workplace. It may even best the $100 million worldwide gross of “Ouija,” if that image didn’t decimate audience curiosity within the thought.

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Hurtling backward in time some fifty years before the events of “Ouija,” “Origin of Evil” opens promisingly on a session in 1967 at the house of CA medium Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), World Health Organization firmly believes within the comfort she provides to purchasers wanting to commune with the dead, though her ways ar pure confidence game. Her assistants in staging the well-meant scams ar daughters Lina (Annalise Basso), a rebellious teenage, and Doris (Lulu Wilson), a doe-eyed moppet.

Still adjusting to life as a widow following her husband’s overtime in an exceedingly automotive accident, single ma Alice struggles to pay the bills and longs to seek out a real association to the hereafter. Enter the stylish parlor game gameboard — still being peddled by Hasbro these days, and also the reason d’être for the franchise — that Alice purchases to assist boost her displays, however as very little Doris discovers, conjointly provides authentic communication with spirits, together with her father.

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