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The comic book-based Officer Downe begins with AN extraordinary voiceover, the sort of factor that viewers would possibly worry regarding – is it imagined to be this silly or did somebody badly choose however the speech would sound? The terribly next scene clears up ANy type of confusion – it is a sex scene complete with an “orgasm counter” down at all-time low of the screen. Officer Downe is compete for laughs.

Director: Shawn Crahan
Writer: Joe Casey
Stars: Kim Coates, Tyler Ross, Meadow Williams |

Well, it’s compete for laughs and for the chance to supply up ugly and extreme levels of violence. Directed by M. Ted Shawn Crahan (yes, of Slipknot) and written by Joe Casey (who created the comic with Chris Burnham), Officer Downe is best delineated as a highly-stylized, bloody, and every now and then simply plain weird picture.

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Kim Coates stars as LAPD officer Terrence Downe, a cop WHO sees no reminder gray; everything is either right or wrong. For Downe, “right” includes breaking no matter varieties of laws he would possibly have to be compelled to so as to kill each someone he will. He needn’t worry regarding facing charges or anything for his actions as he is a hidden, secret weapon of the LAPD, and a bunch of cops exist to scrub up when him (they conjointly frequently retrieve his body… we’ll get there).

As a film, Officer Downe feels a bit sort of a throwback during this – it does not do something apart from pay the foremost meager kind of pretense to queries of police brutality. The film’s goal is to indicate blood and gore and blend it up with many four letter words. during this, it succeeds praiseworthily. each action sequence in Officer Downe options copious blood splatters, sprays, and even the not thus occasional torture. At one purpose, Officer Downe goes up to now on use a dismembered leg to knock down his foes.

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