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Danny Ocean and his crew of master thieves area unit back on the hunt in Ocean’s Twelve, however damn if you will not have a tough time mustering up associate degree opinion regarding itTwelve picks up three 1/2 years once the amazingly pleasant original (er, remake), with our heroes living high on the hog on the spoils from robbing Terry Benedict’s (Andy Garcia) Bellagio casino. Abruptly, Benedict finds all of them — Danny (George Clooney) is married to Tess within the suburbs, Frank (Bernie Mac) is running a nail salon, and then on — and demands his a reimbursement in time period.

Director: Steven Soderbergh
Writers: George Nolfi, George Clayton Johnson
Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts

Rather than run for his or her lives or return up with a far better set up, the first band of eleven reconvenes to search out another huge job in order that they will cough up the $100 million roughly they need to be blown within the intervening years. and then it’s off to Europe, wherever a weird series of burgling ensues because the cluster tries to return up with the make the most order.

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As it seems, things do not go swimmingly. initial there is Rusty’s (Brad Pitt) former flame, Isabel (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a detective on high-profile robberies, who’s at once on the case once Rusty comes around once more. Complicating things any may be a French master stealer (Vincent Cassel) United Nations agency challenges Ocean in an exceedingly clichéd game of “who’s the most effective thief” — the type that solely happens within the movies.

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