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Nenu Local Telugu Full Movie HD Download. Babu gadu (Nani) Associate in Nursing engineering student UN agency struggles to pass his exams. His proctor (Sachin Khedkar) vexed of his shenanigans helps him cheat to pass. Download Nenu Local Full Movie. finished his exams he possibilities upon Keerthi UN agency mistakes him for one more and slaps him. Nenu Local Full Movie Download. It’s love initially sight for baboo and also the remainder of the film is regarding however he wins love from Keerthi (Keerthy Suresh) and later wins her hand from her father UN agency incidentally is that the same proctor UN agency despises him.

Movie Name : Nenu Local
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Country: Telugu
Country: South Indian
Directors: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Writers: Trinadha Rao Nakkina
Stars: Keerthy Suresh, Nani

Nani charms you off your feet right from the gap anti-smoking disclaimer in his voice wherever he says his trademark “Cigarette taagakandi potharu”. It doesn’t take too long for Nani to persuade you that he’s baboo – the impulsive tiddler, UN agency has however no goal in life. Nenu Local Full HD Download . As impractical and dramatic because the picture show is, Nani’s theatrics ar the sole issue that’s without reasoning plausible.

Nenu Local has all the tropes of a crushed down story. The stalking, harassing till a fateful incident that spotlights the hero’s heart of gold, leading the heroine to fall for him. The heroine’s father being a hindrance, and therefore the hero finally having to prove his price. It’s all there. However, as boring because the film’s story is, the script, the treatment has its heart within the right place. and therefore the comedy will get you cracking up very often.

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Characterisations square measure well rounded considering the loose plotline. whereas Babu’s character doesn’t waver from what it’s projected as within the starting, Keerthi, World Health Organization lets her father take her life’s selections, conjointly sticks to it temperament even once she would possibly lose the love of her life over that. Sachin Khedkar World Health Organization plays Keerthi’s father is each disquieted over-protective father ever and plays it with great care. Naveen Chandra too is gift within the flick, wanting his handsomest. Nenu Local full movie free download. He’s the guy World Health Organization loves Keerthi, needs to marry her and is that the blue-eyed boy of her father. Nenu Local full movie free download in hd. But, his character solely sounds like it had been introduced as a result of the film is running out of conflicts to stay the story going. Nani did steal the show as a entertainer and it solely overshadowed the not-so-striking performances of Keerthy and Naveen.

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