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Chanti is that the son of a head constable (Kota). Mr Idiot Full Movie Download. Chanti could be a guy with the carefree angle. he’s overwhelmed by a rival gang in school and was reclaimed by a gorgeous lady (Rakshita). She pays his hospital bills and donates her blood. She is gone from the hospital by the time Chanti became acutely aware. Chanti starts romantic her for her good-heartedness although he didn’t see her. That girl’s name is Suchitra. She later seems to be the female offspring of the town commissioner Vipra Narayana (Prakash Raj).

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The fun starts currently with however Chanti falls crazy with Suchitra and provides sleepless nights to Vipra Narayana. can Chanti get to marry Suchitra within the finish or can Vipra Narayana reach the area unit climax area unit the inquiries to be answered? to understand a lot of regarding it, watch this ‘Idiot’ on a massive screen!

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Idoit could be a Poori Jagannath’s film all the approach. He looks to be higher|recuperating|convalescing|recouping|recovering|improving} and better with the films. He excelled all told 5 departments he donned. The story of the film could be a routine one, however the treatment is superb. book of the film is tight. Poori Jagganath created certain that the comedy within the film is injected into the character of the hero. The hero will the ninetieth of comedy during this film. At an equivalent time, the director created certain that the comedy of hero wouldn’t dilute the seriousness of hero’s love towards the heroine. the foremost vital facet of the film is dialogue department. Most of the dialogues expressed by Ravi Teja area unit rib-tickling. Poori Jagganath additionally excelled within the department of production, because the entire film appearance terribly made.

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