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‘Money’ could be a superior heroic tale flick revolving around some dough that is earned unethically by 2 skilled friends. A swish talking skilled criminal gets a whiff of the dough and involves snatch it direct. however the set up goes haywire and also the story takes a twist. Relationships square measure tested beneath stress and folks do not stay same any longer. ‘Money’ somewhat rang a bell in my memory of another nice heroic tale from last year, ‘The Invitation’, that had somewhat similar settings and premise.

Director: Martín Rosete
Writer: Josep Ciutat
Stars: Jesse Williams, Kellan Lutz, Jess Weixler

The show ticks all the boxes of an honest heroic tale with heap of dialogue and few twists thrown in. Script is well knit. The setting of the story is tiny and neat. nearly whole story is found during a stylish residence and its neighborhood. Jamie Barber enjoying the suave skilled criminal with a tough British accent provides a pleasant bit to the story. however there square measure a couple of phantasmagoric moments within the film wherever the director and writers took inventive liberty for sake of keeping the story thrilling. and also the playscript could be a bit slow paced for a heroic tale.

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It’s refreshing to visualize Jess Wiexler in an exceedingly serious role. i am her fan since I saw ‘Teeth’ throughout my grad days. She features a substantial role during this story and it’s satisfying to visualize her in an exceedingly mature talking role.

All in all, ‘Money’ may be a sensible one-time-see adventure story which might be enjoyed anytime of the week and any hour of the day. Running for a few one hour twenty minutes solely it packs an honest come on time.

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