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Mona Darling Full Movie Download. Mona Darling Set in a very hostile field, Mona_Darling starts the exercise in stereotyping from the word go, as a bunch of drunk school students hams up a couple of friend request they get on social media from the school hottie, Anglesey Island (Suzanna Mukherjee). The guys, WHO seem like they have a decent bathtub, area unit chewed up and therefore the police area unit referred to as to analyze the mysterious deaths. A parallel investigation is undertaken by Mona’s relief wife (Divya Menon) WHO ropes within the socially awkward, stereotypic, fruit-munchingMona Darling Fulla fruit-munching geek named Wiki (Anshuman Jha). school Dean Chaturvedi (Sanjay Suri) too helps within the search as a lot of as a lot of deaths occur. However, once Anglesey Island herself is found dead and therefore the friend request still don’t stop, the story goes into horror territory because it tries to stay you estimate whether or not it’s a ghost or human WHO has done the deed. a lot of stereotypes occur within the style of MMS scandals, creepy librarians and then on.

Director & Writer: Shashi Sudigala
Stars: Anshuman Jha, Divya Menon, Suzanna Mukherjee

As way as thrillers area unit involved, some essential parts area unit a good story, Associate in Nursing surprising twist and one or two of nice frights. during this one, all 3 area unit missing. There area unit solely concerning four or 5 smart, hearty frights and also the half is painfully slow in establishing the mystery. the sole reason to look at the last half is to understand United Nations agency is killing everyone; a ghost, the web or area unit you simply being taken on a ride.Mona Darling High Quality Download. A state of grace is that the twist, that is therefore weak that one will spot it fairly early within the last half and simply wait to be tried right. Its conclusion is good, however till then nearly 2, unamusing hours have march on. Shot stylishly, this motion picture is high on vogue and low on substance.

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The only effort that Anshuman Jha, United Nations agency was acclaimed for his role taken with Sex Aur Dhokha will, is to appear young and recite meaninglessness medical terms.Free Download Mona Darling Full Movie. Suzanna Mukherjee shows promise and features a good screen presence whereas Divya Menon too is convincing because the troubled friend.

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