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Meri Pyaari Bindu Full Movie Download in HD 720p. Meri Pyaari Bindu movie At one purpose, Abhimanyu’s (Khurrana) agent tells him, “Don’t try and write like Gulzar.” The writers of the show ought to have paid heed to their own character’s recommendation. The dialogue usually employs abstract lines to explain easy things. a military Major willy-nilly spouts, “One of you had to urge hurt” with full feeling. You don’t expect this of him. There’s a throwaway pun regarding “coming” that simply doesn’t work. Bindu (Chopra) says one thing that’s right out of a aid book however quickly declares it as, “Thought of the day,” as if to hide up the platitudinous.

The show as an entire skirts the platitudinous territory too. It’s the only rom-com plot: Boy meets woman. He climbs a tree into her space, childhood tricks transform grown-up troubles and somewhere on the road, friendly relationship jumps the fence.

Director: Akshay Roy
Writer: Suprotim Sengupta
Stars: Parineeti Chopra, Ayushmann Khurrana, Abish Mathew

Existential crises, specific woes and physical distance area unit placed at regular intervals and love is formed to run this hurdling.

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While the moving-picture show stumbles in a very ton of places, it works strictly on one count: as a romantic comedy designed to hit that sweet spot between your lungs, each once in a very whereas. Chopra and Khurrana play an electrical couple; their real-life love for film industry music comes through. They’re silly and endearing along, like leads of a romcom area unit imagined to be. There’s ample resound humour, sweet moments that enable the actors to shine and a few catchy songs that play over montages. It’s like looking at a string of meet cutes that don’t extremely cause a lot of.

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