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Notorious railroad town villian Megamind (voice of can Ferrell) becomes AN unlikely savior to the troubled metropolis once defeating beloved improver railroad Man (voice of Brad Pitt) and making a replacement opponent UN agency refuses to play by the foundations. Megamind was solely AN babe once his oldsters loaded him into AN emergency escape pod and jettisoned him into area even as their planet was being sucked into a part. His destination: planet Earth.

Director: Tom McGrath
Writers: Alan Schoolcraft, Brent Simons
Stars: Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Brad Pitt

Meanwhile, another slightly additional wholesome baby sets out on an equivalent mechanical phenomenon. however whereas the latter can ultimately land within the home of a moneyed couple and age to become railroad Man, hero of railroad town, poor Megamind finds his fate taking the alternative course once his pod crashes in an exceedingly jail yard, departure him to be raised by convicts. Later, in grammar school, the youngsters all flock to railroad Man, departure a pissed off Megamind to embrace a lifetime of diabolical misdeeds.

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As the years elapse, railway line Man Associate in Nursingd Megamind develop an intense adversarial relationship that pits them in battle over railway line town time and once more. resolute by his unbroken streak, Megamind hatches an original theme to finally destroy railway line Man by seizure pretty communicator Roxanne Ritchi (voice of Tina Fey), and luring the sure hero into a deadly lure. Then one thing sudden happens — Megamind’s arrange really works. Now, with railway line Man out of the image, Megamind and his dependant (voice of David Cross) stake their claim on railway line town.

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