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Mantra two follows the story of a young Vizag woman named Mantra (Charmee) UN agency moves to Hyderabad once she gets employment in a very code company.

Director:S.V. Suresh
Stars:Raghu Babu, Tanikella Bharani, Hema

She lost her folks some years back and stayed her adult life principally in hostels in Vizag and thence she desires to remain with a family as paying guest rather than accommodating in hostels.
Her company driver takes her to recent couple (Tanikella and city Rajeshwari) UN agency welcome her as paying guest.

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In Hyderabad, she is consistently followed by some strangers, she conjointly gets a sense that somebody is making an attempt to attack her. She reports this to her faculty friend UN agency is currently serving as officer (Chetan) in Hyderabad.
He in conjunction with a channel newsperson and also the media crew attend the house she is staying and resolve that the recent couple were killed 2 years back and also the house has been taken by the police long back. Then with whom is Mantra staying there? the important drama starts from here.

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