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Main Hun Ek Raaz Hindi Full Movie HD Download on 720p. Débutante author & director Ravi Kumar Nivoria’s latest film ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’ falls within the genre of the age recent trend of HORROR films. thus Ravi Kumar Nivoria may be accessorial to the list of horror filmmakers a la Ramsay Brothers, Vikram Bhatt et al of their sort. Incidentally speaking ‘Main Hoon EK Raaz’ happens to be a family affair because it is being made by Ravi Kumar Nivoria’s spousal equivalent Sanjurani Nivoria. The pair hopes to continue creating sensible films, with prime forged & crew, however not necessary falling within the horror genre.

Director: J. Prabhakar Reddy
Writer: Maruthi Dasari
Stars: Sudheer Babu Posani, Nandita Raj, Praveen

My latest film ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’ could be a girls centrical author backed film happiness to the horror genre. after I started writing the story I simply fell crazy with it. I simply likable it most that i made a decision to direct it myself.

So ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’ narrates the heroic tale of a restless feminine ghost WHO continues to be seeking salvation, mukti for her soul and within the method she goes on a rampage scaring the wits out of everybody round her.

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First & foremost my film ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’ is additional scarier than alternative films of the HORROR genre in fact to not forget its camera work that i’m positive can build the viewers even additional scarier.

Not solely the horror component however I even have alo prepacked ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’ with full dose of recreation & suspense. Music & lyrics area unit by Surendra Saathi WHO has earlier written the lyrics of most of the films of Mahesh Bhatt. Believe Pine Tree State he has composed a number of the foremost stunning & melodious songs for ‘Main Hoon Ek Raaz’. One special range is Associate in Nursing item song ‘Angooribai’ picturised on Laxmi Verma & Mehtab Guzar.

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