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Ramona (Patralekha) is a dedicated relationship with a surface-to-air missile (Gaurav Arora). Love Games Full Movie Download in High Quality. the 2 of them firmly believe the fun of sex. The Adrenalin junkies live life on the sting and pet like bunnies. however their life involves a standstill once surface-to-air missile falls soft on with Alisha (Tara Alisha Berry). Amidst Love Games and Lust Games, power battles begin. And mind you, nobody likes to lose here!

Director: Vikram Bhatt
Writer: Vikram Bhatt
Stars: Gaurav Arora, Patralekhaa, Tara-Alisha Berry

Roses area unit red, violets area unit blue…Sex will be mussy, love will be too…” On this note, begins this inexpert film. Vikram Bhatt’s Love Games tries to be a stormy tale regarding temptations. however his bright construct is much from being well-fleshed out.Love Games Full Movie HD Download. there have been a bunch of attention-grabbing ideas that ne’er intertwine with the narrative.

The characters have unconvincing problems. female parent issues area unit the foremost – Sam’s mother ran away along with her lover and Ramona’s mother allowed her to induce ill-treated, that is what justifies their sleeping around. Sam’s love interest Alisha could be a much-married sawbones in a very physically abusive relationship. She has continued to her wedding as a result of she eloped against the needs of her family.Love Games Full Movie Download.

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Apparently nobody registers a case against her beastly better half as a result of he’s a high notch criminal attorney. however unfortunate that nobody thought of the Women’s Commission or for starters, telling her parents!

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