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Marathi mulga falls loving with Punjabi kudi and therefore the couple is enthusiastic regarding adapting to every other’s culture. However, their folks will not let this happen as they do not approve of ‘love marriages’.

Fearing their kids would take flight, they settle for their relationship on one condition. The lovers should exchange their homes for 3 months once engagement to induce accustomed the other’s life-style and traditions. They agree and work towards succeeding within the task however folks play spoilsports. Do the elders learn their lesson?

Director: Raj Shetty
Writer: Madhuri Vaidya
Stars: Mohit Madan, Jyoti Sharma, Sharat Sonu

While the actors attempt their best to infuse life into this lacklustre comedy, the story itself looks pointless. It’s ne’er explained why the oldsters have sturdy reservations against love marriages to start with. Also, the important story solely begins within the half. associate hour is wasted to ascertain the romance, that is unconvincing to the core.

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A Punjabi mother speaking unhealthy English (calling organism ‘orgasm’ or expression ‘Where there is a can, there is a gay’) is perhaps the sole purportedly funny factor during this ‘romcom’. The remaining characters area unit as unimaginative. Maharastrians area unit educated however not loaded, Punjabis – the other way around, Gujjus area unit silly, Christians area unit house owners of cafes meant for brokenhearted men United Nations agency drink their sorrows away. The list is endless.

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