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An yank jock discovers the masculine thrill of historic Florentine soccer once his girlfriend dumps him in Evan Oppenheimer’s yawningly standard tho’ superficially polished “Lost in Florence.” Shot in an exceedingly Florence that’s ne’er been therefore devoid of tourists (either Oppenheimer isn’t smart with crowds, or extras value too much), this romantic drama for the most part void of drama sees the hunky lead, compete with lots of torn shirt or bare-chested desirability by Brett physicist (“Agents of SHIELD”), get his life back heading in the right direction through sport and therefore the love of a attractive Italian woman – despite the fact that, as we’re perpetually told, Italian ladies area unit troublesome. Bland even for the armchair individual, “Lost” is as inoffensive as a picture-souvenir book, and equally forgettable.

Director: Evan Oppenheimer
Writers: Evan Oppenheimer, Evan Oppenheimer
Stars: Brett Dalton, Stana Katic, Alessandra Mastronardi

Eric (Dalton) is visiting his cousin-german Pakistani monetary unit (Stana Katic) and her Florentine husband Gianni (Marco Bonini) along with his old girlfriend young woman (Emily Atack). sadly, his massive romantic buildup falls flat once young woman rejects his whopper of associate degree ring and flies back to the U.S., claiming the previous school soccer star has to drop his sports fantasies and attend school of law. Crushed, the depressed Eric mopes around till Gianni takes him to a game of “calcio storico,” or historic soccer, that is essentially a testosterone-heavy sort of football within which players use virtually no matter physical means that necessary to stop their opponent from rating.

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Suddenly Eric comes alive, postpones finishing his application to school in ny, and proves his heart to team captain Paolo (Alessandro Preziosi). nevertheless nothing will take the place of young lady in his heart – till he meets Paolo’s girlfriend Stefania (Alessandra Mastonardi), and despite not needing to hurt his mate, Eric and Stefania fall dotty. can they overcome their passion? can Eric overcome nationalistic resistance to associate yankee taking part in Florence’s ancient sport? Since everything else during this film is screamingly foreseeable, you’ll answer those queries yourself.

Oppenheimer (“A very little Game,” among others) takes a painfully American-centric read of Italy and Florence, with Gianni mouthing derogative lines concerning the monetary unit, and everybody – as well as yankee Pakistani monetary unit – protestant that Italian girls area unit troublesome, that is sort of as dangerous as continuance the fabrication that Il Duce created the trains run on time. Ironically the one person who’s not troublesome the least bit (in truth, she’s the sole really real person within the entire movie) is Stefania, compete by Mastonardi with contemporary charm and a whole ease in English.

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