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Lava and Kusa wage a battle against their father, Rama once he performs the Ashwamedha yagya. Of course, they do not grasp the reality concerning their parentage and trounce him for abandoning Sita too. Realisation and reconciliation dawns later, once Sita and Valmiki area unit forced to intervene within the tract.

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10
Genres: Romance
Language: Hindi + Telugu
Director: Jay Sreesivan
Writer: Jay Sreesivan
Stars: Varun Sandesh, Richa Panai, Babu Mohan, Brahmanandam

Sad. as a result of here was a story that Lent itself to such nice drama. you’ll be able to nearly see a Steven Spielberg or a James Cameron salivating at the prospect of rendering such AN epic tale — 2 young sons absorbing the would possibly of their almighty pappa — on celluloid. to not say that we tend to ar wanting talent in our country. each in terms of animation technology and celluloid skills, the Indian movie industry is full over with new energy, new hope.

Lava Kusa Full Movie Trailer

So, why cannot we tend to break the mould once it involves capturing our mythologicals on screen? Why should we tend to still be curst the medieval mentality once rendering avatar, Sita, Radha, Krishna, Hanuman, Ganesha as celluloid heroes? In terms of dramatic potential, there are often no one World Health Organization will get up to them. Not even Superman. thus why cannot we tend to boast of a superhero film that has the insolence of the Superman-Batman Inc?

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