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Vetrivel alias Velu (Vijay) could be a automobile racer World Health Organization lives along with his giant family in Madras. His father, Singamuthu (Manivannan), had gone to Kadapa in province to figure at a workplace and ne’er came back, prompting Velu and his family to assume that he’s dead. Velu involves grasp that a Malaysia-based don named Koccha (Suman) owes his father a large total of cash. Velu and his friend Ops (Vivek) travel Malaya as Kuruvi, the trade jargon for low-level contraband carriers.

Directed by : Dharani
Produced by : Udhayanidhi Stalin Thinesh
Written by : Babu Sivan

They come to Malaya at a time once internal competition and issues square measure egress in Koccha’s family. Koccha’s younger sister Hindu deity (Trisha Krishnan) has refused to marry Soori (Pawan), the brother of Konda Reddy (Ashish Vidyarthi), Koccha’s Kadapa-based business associate, as per Koccha’s desires. Irritated and preoccupied, neither Koccha nor his henchmen wish to devote any time or attention to resolve Velu’s downside. Velu is battered and thrown out of Koccha’s place with none facilitate rendered.

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Determined to come to Republic of India solely once his father’s issue is solved to his satisfaction, Velu conceals himself in Koccha’s palace-like residence. He presently finds out a few massive diamond in hand by Koccha and steals it, feeling that it might pay off his father’s debt, and returns to Republic of India with Roman deity. Devi additionally follows Velu to Republic of India, having fallen taken with with him, once he saves her from falling from a tall builing throughout New Year’s Eve.

Knowing that Velu has purloined his diamond, Koccha and his gang visit Velu’s house and threaten his family with dire consequences unless Velu returns the diamond. once attempt Koccha, Velu involves understand that his father is not dead, however is being control as secured labour along side several innocent folks at Kadapa. Singamuthu had discovered diamonds at the work, however refused to permit Koccha and Konda Reddy to lawlessly mine the diamonds for his or her own profit. He had been control unfortunate in Kadapa since.

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