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First things first. Kudos to Karan Johar for shifting gears completely and entering into serious territory. Of course, we have a tendency to do love him for his K-class cinema: all his firm popcorn films starting with K, ever since Kuch Kuch Hota Hai redefined thought romance. however Kurbaan does not would like the popcorn the least bit. It keeps the screen on overboil for many of its screen time with its hard-hitting plot that dares to venture into vague territory.

Director: Renzil D’Silva
Writers: Renzil D’Silva , Niranjan Iyengar
Stars: Kareena Kapoor, Lewis Tan, Om Puri

Like Khuda Kay Liye, Kurbaan too appearance at the opposite aspect of monotheism Protestantism and puts the post 9/11 tumult in perspective. United Nations agency area unit these guys United Nations agency carry anger in their hearts, revenge in their heads and bombs in their pockets? Why area unit they hell out to blasting the globe, regardless of the anguish it spells to all or any and sundry? will there be a purpose behind their madness? Is one man’s terrorist truly another man’s activist? Kurbaan, written by Karan Johar, raises these pertinent – and very topical – queries, while not glossing over the one simple truth: a terrorist will ne’er solve the inequities of the globe, Palestine, Iraq, Asian nation, nevertheless.

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So we’ve got Ehsan Khan (Saif Ali Khan), the Pakistani United Nations agency lost his adult female and child to yank excesses, agitated with a need to revenge his loss. He is not the archetypical, skull-capped, bearded fundoo, mouthing soliloquies on jihad and insurrection (uprising). On the contrary, he’s suave, refined and a charmer, tutoring the planet on the misconceptions of Islam within the nowadays.

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