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Kathakali begins with a story a few skirmish between fishermen in city and Cuddalore. we predict this could be the main focus of the film, on the other hand, because the story unfolds, we tend to comprehend it is one amongst the various red herrings that director Pandiraj provides America to narrate a story tale that holds its suspense until the climax.

Director: Pandiraj
Writer: Pandiraj
Stars: Vishal, Catherine Tresa, Karunas

The plot revolves round the murder of Thamba (Madhusudhan), the fishermen’s association head in Cuddalore, WHO is additionally a crook. The prime suspect is Amudhavel (Vishal), WHO has came back to the city from the America once four years for his wedding. His family has had a skirmish with Thamba, that had left his father confined to the chair. The cop to blame of the case, Saravanavadivel (Srijith), is once him as a result of his friend (Kiran), WHO works for Thamba, had gone to the cops alleging that Amudhavel had dead his boss. however there area unit numerous others WHO have a motive to commit the murder — Amudhavel’s brother (Mime Gopi); his friend Sammandham (Pavan) and his ex-MLA father WHO were defeated within the elections by Thamba; a textile search owner (Jayaprakash) whose girl Thamba had gotten married to her lover a lot of against her father’s wishes; the city fishermen; Thamba’s son or even, it had been his own men!

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What is refreshing concerning Kathakali is that it’s less Associate in Nursing action film and additional a mystery. Pandiraj keeps North American country estimation on World Health Organization the manslayer could be, as he will increase the strain by putt Amudhavel into things from wherever obtaining away looks tough. throughout the center section of the film, Amudhavel is at bay within a bus with no reply of his quandary. Even the obligatory romantic portion (with Catherine Tresa) is finished away with in brief time. solely recently, we tend to had Eetti wherever a wrong decision paves the approach for love to develop between the hero and heroine. it’s an equivalent case here further however as he did in his debut film Pasanga, that additionally had a mobile phone-based romance, the director treats these scenes in light-weight hearted fashion. He additionally narrates them in instalments as he the plot keeps moving forward, giving North American country an extra suspect to feature to our list.

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