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Kanithan  Full Movie Download. TN Santhosh, the director of Kanithan may be a former assistant of AR Murugadoss, thus it’s not shocking that the film bears resemblances to his guru’s films. The framework of the plot — the hero attempting to get the villain’s identity while the villain is attempting to trace him down — is analogous to the one in Thuppakki (even Ghajini and Ramana involve this set-up however on a minor level); some extent created regarding the villain’s men having a presence everywhere the state brings to mind Ramana, wherever it absolutely was the hero World Health Organization had eyes everywhere; there’s even a scene wherever the hero is looked down upon as a result of he speaks broken English, that finds resonance in a very scene from 7aum Arivu, wherever the heroine blasts a bunch of men for creating derogatory remarks on Tamil. and therefore the director is competent enough and therefore the visuals square measure slick (thanks to lensman Arvind Krishna) that the film manages to be partaking… for a minute.

Release Date: 26 February 2016 (india)
Genres: Action , Drama
Language: Tamil
Quality: DVDScr
Size: 700MB
Director: T. N. Santhosh
Writers: T. N. Santhosh
Stars: Atharvaa Murali, Catherine Tresa, Tarun Arora

Kanithan Full Movie DownloadThe middle section of the film may be a racy adventure story. Gowtham Ramalingam (Atharvaa, sprightly), a reporter, gets in remission for fraud, and learns he has become a victim of a faux degree certificate racket (who either sell such certificates to willing consumers or take away loans victimisation them). He decides to trace down the person who wrote it for stealing identities and ruin the lives of the many children like him. Meanwhile, Thura Sarkar (Tarun Arora, menacing), World Health Organization heads the racket, realises that somebody is when him, and decides to seek out out World Health Organization the person is and end him off. There square measure tense action scenes, melodramatic however effective sentimental scenes and therefore the plot keeps moving at a crackle pace that we’ve no time to wonder the various leaps of logic.

But, once checked out as an entire, Kanithan feels but the add of its components. The chief reason is that the scenes that act as a filler between the action, that ar either banal or overlong or each. The film takes a minute to urge going and virtually the primary half-hour ar wasted through ready-made scenes within the name of putting in place the hero’s character and his romance. The film even finds time for Mano Bala to try and do his shtick. For distinction, you simply need to consider another film from another assistant of Murugadoss — Anand Shankar, whose Arima Nambi dived into the plot in [*fr1] now.

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There also are times once the characters act as if they need ne’er detected of wisdom — the hero wittingly keeps putt folks near him in mortal danger; 1st, his professional person friend (Karunakaran), and later, a colleague (Kumki Asvin), despite the fact that he loses folks thanks to this attitude! And there’s the heroine (Catherine Tresa), whose solely contribution to the plot happens once she gets an opportunity to prove her credentials as a Tamil film heroine by unwisely walking into the villain’s den on their lonesome and obtaining caught. you’ll a minimum of defend such scenes as a first-timer’s tentativeness, however do you explain the 15-minute stretch within the last half once the film simply stops dead in its tracks to incorporate scenes of the hero and his friends discussing regarding drinking followed by a cringe-worthy ‘romantic’ scene and a song? This, at a time once characters have still not gotten out of their drawback and a few of their lives might even be in danger! Did nobody within the unit purpose this out? Not even the editor (ironically, it’s Bhuvan Srinivasan, UN agency was additionally the editor of Arima Nambi)?

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This phase proves to be as deadly for the film as kryptonite is for Superman, as till then, it gave the impression to be heading for an exhilarating end once a shaky begin. the strain within the script gets killed and also the film ne’er recovers, despite creating a shot to recover lost ground.

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