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Choreographer-actor-director Raghava Lawrence’s “Kanchana” may be a sequel to his earlier film “Muni”. Kanchana Hindi Dubbed Full Movie HD Download. although the film is meant to be a horror one, it succeeds to scare solely in bits. for many half, the characters ar loud, dramatic and over emotional.

Director & Writer: Lawrence Raghavendra
Stars: Lawrence Raghavendra, Raai Laxmi, Sarath Kumar

Raghava (Lawrence) may be a happy go lucky guy, UN agency lives along with his mother (Kovai Sarala) and his brother’s family. He fights and dances, however has only 1 weakness — he’s terrified of the dark and ghosts, when sunset. Once, when a game of cricket with friends, he comes home to check that the cricket stumps have blood stains on them. From then, strange things happen in his house. Raghava begins to behave remarkably, sort of a lady.

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Raghava UN agency directed and acted during this film takes an excessive amount of time to induce to the most plot. the primary half the film is boring, loud with over the highest performances, particularly from Kovai Sarala. Most of the film drags and tests the audiences’ patience.

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Although the film takes up for a cause, it’s shown solely at the tip of the film. The moving-picture show gets fascinating solely within the last half-an-hour once Sarath Kumar, UN agency plays a castrate, enters the fray. congratulations to him for enjoying such a job therefore convincingly. solely his voice appears out of place. Lawrence’s performance in a very advanced role isn’t too spectacular. Hindu deity Rai is confined to merely songs. excluding a number of parts which might charm the plenty, the moving-picture show is sort of a uninteresting affair.

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