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Films set within the background of a village, laced with an honest story, adequate drama, romance and some humorous scenes have forever been a secure bet in Kollywood. This competition season, director Sagaya Suresh, too, has tried to check waters with a rural flick, that options a number of these representative components with Kadalai. not like films that square measure set in a very similar environment, what makes the film’s plot stand out is that the plan that it tries to endorse.

Genres:Comedy, Romance.
Country:South Indian .
Language:Tamil .
Directors:Sagaya Suresh.
Writers:Sagaya Suresh .
Stars:Iyshwarya Rajesh, Ma Ka Pa Anand, Ponvannan.

Manickam (Ma Ka Pa Anand) could be a inactive, freewheeling guy WHO hails from a family that depends on agriculture for living. His father, Bhoopathy (Ponvannan), an individual WHO commands Brobdingnagian respect among the villagers, revere farming. However, he’s discontent together with his son’s lack of interest in following agriculture. Manickam, quite just like several heroes in rural-based films, dreams of putting in a business empire while not golf stroke any effort, and finds joy in dilly-dallying together with his friend (Yogi Babu) and his girl love (Aishwarya Rajesh). Things flip unexpectedly once a true estate power (John Vijay) plans to amass land within the village for his self-loving motives. however Bhoopathy deals with it and saves the villagers forms the remainder of the story.

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Yogi adult male could be a scream, unsurprisingly, and he has tried yet one more time that he will carry a movie on his shoulders provided it’s an honest plot. His catchy one-liners and screen presence, in conjunction with support from Ma Hindu deity Pa, deserves appreciation. Ponvannan impresses along with his perfect performance as a involved farmer, whereas John Vijay’s character required a lot of conviction. Had a lot of effort been place into each the creating and therefore the writing, the film may are known as an honest try, particularly given the actual fact that it talks regarding the requirement to push agriculture among kids. Our advice: enter with none expectation; that manner, you may not be foiled.

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