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It looks like Vijay has accomplished that he will be in mass masala films that aren’t solely diverting to his fan base however conjointly to each phase within the audience. He did this earlier with films like Ghilli, Pokkiri and Thuppakki, and will it currently with Jilla. This time, he shares the glory with Mohanlal, UN agency plays his godfather within the film. The plot revolves around Sivan (Mohanlal), a don in Madurai, UN agency brings up Sakthi (Vijay), whose father died for him, as his own son.

Genres: Action | Drama | Thriller
Director: R.T. Neason
Writer: R.T. Neason
Stars: Mohanlal, Vijay, Kajal Agarwal.

The two square measure a formidable force within the town however circumstances force Sivan to raise Sakthi to become a cop. however once Associate in Nursing accident leads to the death of many innocents, Sakthi needs his father to show over a replacement leaf. however the older man isn’t within the mood to heed his recommendation, and soon, the 2 square measure on opposing sides.

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As way as industrial films area unit involved, Jilla is certainly assured filmmaking. Neason understands that the conflict between Sivan and Sakthi is what powers his film and sets up the initial clash between these 2 characters okay. Sakthi’s realizes the error of his ways that when a atrocious blast, that happens as a result of Sivan’s call. The scenes following this blast area unit quite horrific for thusrt} of film however they’re so effective in creating North American nation perceive why somebody as loyal as Sakthi can shift sides and decides to require on the one that is his father figure. The confrontation scene is extremely well shot and also the dialogues too area unit punchy during this scene.

Vijay and Mohanlal area unit excellent here. Vijay utters Sakthi’s lines in a very unconcerned manner (Unakkaga enaku pidikadha khakhi potu police aanen illa, enakkaga heritable ippo nallavana maaru) whereas Mohanlal treats Sivan’s lines with seriousness, then we tend to get to check wherever every character stands — the son solely desires his father to alter however the latter won’t provide an in. from his position and is even able to banish him from the house. once the intermission purpose arrives, we tend to thirstily anticipate what may come back next.

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