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Divya (Manisha Koirala) could be a reincarnated snake United Nations agency herself is unaware of this. once Rajesh and Madan (whose second try of raping Divya is successful) raped Divya, she commits suicide thinking that each one of his friends were concerned within the rape. the remainder of the buddies area unit utterly unaware of something and area unit innocent. once Kapil (Armaan Kohli), the lover of Divya’s previous life finds out concerning her death, he comes back to life to urge revenge from all of the cluster.

Directed by : Rajkumar Kohli
Produced by : Rajkumar Kohli
Written by : K. K. Singh (dialogues)

As a penalization, Madan is killed on an equivalent day as Divya so Rajesh is suppressed to death on his night. this is often followed by Victor being run over by Kapil’s bike and Abdul being electrocuted to death. Atul & his alternative friends haven’t got an opportunity to inform Divya that they are actually innocent. the school principal Joseph (Raj Babbar), United Nations agency is additionally a academician of psychical communication, provides the cluster of friends a jewellery and assures them that they can not be injured once they area unit carrying the jewellery. Atul does not believe any of this. However, once he’s attacked by Kapil, he realizes he survived as a result of the jewellery was stuck on his hand. Atul is badly disjointed by Kapil and he goes to coma.

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Divya then enters Prem’s body and kills Ashok. Prem is therefore suspect to commit murder and he’s sentenced to be hanged by the court. Vijay is pushed off the gym’s roof. Vivek, afraid he is next, calls his massive brother Karan (Sunny Deol). Karan arrives to rescue Vivek, however before that, Kapil stabs Vivek mistreatment Karan’s image. Karan is in remission once Vivek suspect Karan of stabbing him. Atul comes out of coma and tries to save lots of Vivek. Atul gets injured by Kapil whereas attempting to save lots of Vivek. Kapil chases Vivek.

Atul, unable to destroy Kapil or save Vivek’s life, goes to identical priest, UN agency gave the lockets. Atul asks the priest to save lots of Vivek’s life. Atul dies owing to blood loss from his injuries. Karan shows up to prevent Kapil from killing Vivek. Karan gets killed by Kapil. Principal Joseph resurrects Karan with outerworld powers, granting him supernatural powers like Kapil. Karan kills Kapil. Vivek seems to be the sole survivor in conjunction with his brother Karan. Kapil and Vasundhra reunites in heaven.

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